Tündérground (SEC)


Bene Zoltán – keys

Boldizsár Szabolcs – flute, saxophone, keys, accordion

Gáspár Álmos – acoustic and electric guitar

Hompoth Arthur-Norbert – drums, percussion instruments

Kelemen István Csaba – violin

Szabó Lóránt – acoustic and electric percussion instruments

Szakál Attila – bass




TÜNDÉRGOUND are a very eclectic psychedelic music group from Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania. A stage-oriented, large and ambitious outfit, Tündérground is comprised of seven musicians and a video artist. Started in 2004, the band project was completed in 2005 and has been playing all the major festivals in the area ever since, including the Pepsi Sziget Festival in Budapest and the Stufstock Festival at the Black Sea. After a long and successful live experience, the debut studio album 'Mirtill' was released in 2007 through the Hungarian record label Folkeurópa. The band is currently touring and continuously expanding their musical universe.

Tündérground's music can be described as a modern exploration of musical form and perception in the context of colliding style patterns. The perpetual beat laid down serves as a base for development in either a direction of ethnic music or one of fictional cosmic topography. Pumping bass grooves with electronic vibes remind of acid-jazz and drum'n'bass, but superimposed themes played by percussion, violin and Jew harp bring world fusion memories (like Turkish music or Transylvanian dances) and references (including OZRIC TENTACLES, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA or DJABE). In a sense of cosmic conciliation, a mythological peaceful side of the music is provided by keyboard waves and primordial, pastoral flute (à la HIDRIA SPACEFOLK). The result is a highly recommended musical melting pot, to be enjoyed to all fans of psychedelic, world fusion, krautrock, electro or simply good fun live music.

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