Tatrai Trend (HU)

Members of the band:

Tibor Tatrai: guitar

Peter Glaser: bass

Tibor Pinter: guitar

Jozsef Czibere: percussion


As Tibor Tátrai puts it, Tátrai Trend plays "pleasant, understandable and likeable live music”. The two guitarists, Tibor Tátrai called "Tibusz” and Tibor Pintér are accompanied by Péter Glaser on bass and József Czibere on percussion. The line-up has been working together since autumn 2008, and got on stage on numerous pubs and festivals, each time guiding the audience into an exciting journey to the realm of music. The band plays only its own songs, mostly in a smooth jazz and rhythm-and-blues style - so this is truly joyful music.

Tibor Tatrai is a fantastic guitarist and composer who was awarded the Ferenc Liszt International Record Grand Prix and the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic. 

He was born on 5th April,1952 in Angyalfold, started his career in the same way as most rock musicians do. He started playing music in school bands and was practicing more and more. At the very beginning he was the road (carryman) of Bela Radics, then the members of Tuzkerek Revival band realized his talent, so when one of the members left the band in order to found his own band, he  invited the only 17 years old guitarist to perform with him. The first real band of Tibusz was Karpatia.

The following year the young talent got even higher: he became member of the Tuzkerek Revival Band. At that time the whole music business had known his name and his talent already. The next station of his carrier was the Juventus band, after that Jackie Orszaczky invited him to play in the Syrius band, which has been respected as a legend ever since. In 1973 the band had the chance of a serious international career, but the Hungarian political conditions of that time didn’t allow living with it, therefore it got dissolved. As a consequence, Tibusz joined the Mini band of Adam Torok and later on he returned into the Syrius band, which changed in the meantime and played different music. Afterwards Tibor became the member of the Olympia band, lead by Charlie Horvath. The most successful Hungarian band of the 70’s, the General just picked on the two guys (Tibusz and Charlie), when they were in need of new musicians. The band, which among other great pieces got famous with its song entitled “Zenegep”, was very popular abroad as well. Tibor Tatrai had been member of the band for 4 years, till the group got dissolved in 1979. During this period the General recorded more Hungarian and Polish albums.

After a one year break Karoly Frenreisz contacted the artist, in order to found together the new Skorpio band. Tibor had worked with the band for three years, recording music and performing lots of concerts. In 1983 he joined the Hobo Blues Band, on its invite. The biggest and most spellbinding venture of the band, called “Vadaszat/Hunting” fell under Tibor’s cooperation with the band, which lasted several years. 

Tibusz, who was never a "boss" but only a member in every group, let himself be persuaded and founded his own band in 1987. The Tatrai Band was getting to the top with talented bandsmen (mostly his former fellow musicians), like Charlie, Geza Palvolgyi, Janos Solti and Tamas Papp. The Tatrai Band recorded a row of albums, including a series of hits, for example: New York, New York, Without Illusions, Travel into the Unknown”.

It is frequent nowadays that a musician is member of several bands at the same time. Tibor Tatrai performs in a few bands too (in chronology of founding year), in "Magyar Atom", "Boom Boom", "Latin Duo", Tatrai Band and Tatrai Trend and in addition following a new idea, together with Gyula Babos and Attila Laszlo they form a new band as well. 


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