Berki Tamás feat. Sárik Péter Trió (HU)


Tamás Berki: vocals

Péter Sárik: piano

Tibor Fonay: contrabass, bass guitar

Attila Gálfi: drums




Tamás Berki began his career at the age of 14: he won international junior jazz vocal competitions and he’s considered one of the finest jazz vocalists in Europe according to the “Best of” list made by the International Jazz Federation. He is a professor at the jazz section of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. He has composed about fifty music pieces on his own albums and he’s also very familiar with the world of jazz standards. He is the owner of numerous honorable awards and mentions.


In 2015 his duet album with Peter Sárik, entitled “Everything’s a Mirage” won the Hungarian Grammy, namely the Fonogram Award in the category of “The Best Jazz Album of the Year”.


Over the last ten years Péter Sárik Trio has become one of the most famous and most significant jazz bands in Hungary. The secret of their success is the fact that all three members are very open minded and multitalented musicians and due to this they can reach a much wider audience compared to other jazz bands. The atmosphere of their concerts resembles a pop or rock concert even when they play at the Music Academy. Due to their honesty and energy, the band attracts many new fans of the genre.

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