Off-line Trio (Romania)

Jozsef Orosz- Pal - keyboards

Gabor Pal  - drums

Szabolcs Gyergyai - bass


The trio arrived to us from Bucharest, but all of its members were born in Szeklerland. The leader of the band is from Odorheiu Secuiesc and the other two members are from Sfantu Gheorghe. 

The band was founded in 2015 in Bucharest, as the successor of two bands: the Swinging Train from Cluj and PlanB from Odorheiu Secuiesc.  The founding members Jozsef Orosz- Pal (piano, keyboards), Szabolcs Gyergyai (bass guitar), Pál Gábor (drums) at the beginning played cover versions of their most preferred jazz standards and nowodays they are working on their own music ideas. During the concert that is about to begin we will listen to some of these covers and own compositions as well. Further information about the trio:

Jozsef Orosz- Pal – studied music at the Gheorghe Dima Music Acandemy in Cluj, he also had the opportunity to study with Fogarasi Janos at the “Music Studio of Kobanya” in Budapest and took private lessons from Janos Nagy, one of the handful of world-class jazz pianists in Hungary. He started his jazz master studies at the National University of Music in Bucharest in Mircea Tiberian’s class. In 2013 Jozsef was awarded in Targu Mures the “Student Jazz Festival” s  special prize, offered by Icon Arts. He played and still plays in several bands in Cluj Napoca and Bucharest (for example: DeLaFunk, Swinging Train, Nicola, Cortez, Dalma Kovács, Mihai Chitu, Sore) and he also is a member of Andra’s band.

Gabor Pal (born in Sfântu Gheorghe, 1978) also studied at the Gheorghe Dima Music  Academy in Cluj, an started playing jazz in 2000. Since 2009 he has been mentored by Gyorgy Jeszenszky,  one of the most excellent and acknowledged drummers of Hungary.  Since 2013 he also has been a student of Peter Szendofi, one of the most talented professional drummers of Hungary, well known in Europe and in the whole world. Gabor got on stage on several jazz festivals in Bucharest, Sibiu, Gărâna, Brașov, Tg. Mureș, Miercurea Ciuc, Ploiești, Tomar (Portugal), Bruxelles, Lyon. He played on the same stage with Teodora Enache and with the famous Hungarian musicians  Berti Barbera, Juhász Gábor, Fekete-Kovács Kornél, Balogh Roland. In 2013, along  the Azara band, Gabor won ”The Best Jazz Band” prize, awared by the Muzza foundation.

Szabolcs Gyergyai (born in Sfântu Gheorghe, 1984) graduated the double bass and piano section of the Music High School in his home town. As he was interested in pop and jazz music, he went on to study at the “Music Studio of Kobanya” in Budapest and then left for Bucharest when invited to do so by the Slang band. Szabolcs performed in several groups accompanying well known artists  like Nicola, Ovi, Kovacs Dalma, played in the Byron and in an AC/DC tribute band called The Rock. He was also member of several bands in Sfantu Gheorghe and Targu Mures. At present he is bass player for Andra and Azara bands, the last of which is directed by Péter Sárosi.  In 2013, along  the Azara band, Szabolcs  won ”The Best Jazz Band” prize, awared by the Muzza foundation and got on stage on different jazz festivals in Sibiu, Gărâna, Tg. Mureș, Arad and Cluj.

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