Mesehetes (RO)


Szilágyi Nóra – vocals
Zsigmond Éva-Beáta – vocals
Bene Zoltán – keys
Boldizsár Szabolcs – flute
György Csongor – drums
Krizbai Imre – guitar
Szakál Attila – bass




       We’re happy to present the Mesehetes band. Those who live in Csíkszereda already know them well, but the large public of the festival doesn’t. It was formed ten years ago, the members are a singer, an actress and five musicians, so they’re seven in total and they play music from cartoons and fairy-tales, that’s where their name comes from (mese=tale, hét=seven). Their initial goal was to entertain children, but they somehow became the favorites of lots of adults too as their music contains many elements of jazz and improvisation. Due to these the organizers decided that this year their place is at the festival, because dozens of children have grown up listening to their music, who all know that that jazz is good and that the music of cartoons is also valuable and beautiful. The date of the concert will soon appear on the festival’s website.

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