Kéknyúl (HU/USA)


Badics Márk  – drums

Bata István – bass

Kováts Gergő – baritone saxophone

Csókás Zsolt – guitar

Andrew Hefler – vocals

Jász Andris – saxophone

Premecz Mátyás – band leader

Puskás Csaba – trumpet



Kéknyúl - Crowded Universe 

   Playing a urban dance music, which has its roots in the soul and funk music of the seventies, Kéknyúl is a unique, colourful spot of hungarian festivals and club concerts. The bands former sounding was determind by the Hammond organ of Mátyás Premecz, ( sounding, which is now partially replaced by the bass guitar play of Bata István ), who is also the bandleader. The new album is built on new grounds: eight fellow musicians play together an exciting, rich music, filled with wind instrument phrases, cool guitars, a lot of vocals, and the passionate and characteristic voice of Andy Hefler. 

Premecz Mátyás declared: "On the album, which will appear this december, we would like to reveal our new face. These new songs were created with more conscious composing, more collective work, so they became more colourful, sentimental, and enriched in styles we love." The usual funk and soul basics leave towards exciting fields, instead of jazz, more to the world of rock and even psychedelic music. The guitar of Csókás Zsolt gets a bigger role, and every member of the band sings vocals, which is a very rare thing among hungarian bands. The ethalon hungarian bands of the seventies: LGT, General, worked the same way a great while ago.
The organic result is to be thanked to the mature and purified attitude of the band members, and to the producer: Ligeti György (Zagar, We Are Rockstars). The cherry on the cake is Andy Hefners way of singing, who is exploiting the possibilities given by the new songs, and expresses a multitude of emotions this way.
Kéknyúl created one of the last years most exciting, instrument oriented, mature, but still playful pop album; this way they became one of the most appreciated bands in Hungary.

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