Finucci Bros Quartet (HU)

Members of the band

Roland Balogh - guitar
Zoltán Balogh - piano 
József Horváth "Pluto" - bass
József Bordás - drums

​ The founders of the band are the Junior Prima prize awarded Roland Balogh, who won the Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition in 2009,and his twin brother Zoltán Balogh who won the 3rd place on the Montreux Jazz Piano Competition in 2007. 

The performance of the virtuoso musicians is perfectly complemented by a professional rhythm section formed by  József Horváth "Pluto" bass guitar and double bass player, who has been one of the most  in-demand musicians of Hungary since years and who placed first in the Dando Peter Jazz Bass Talent competition in 2003. The other member of the rhythm section is József Bordás drummer and music teacher, who in 2007 founded his own drum school with the aim of transmitting the heritage of Vilmos Jávori. Besides the drum technique and precision, József Bordás puts an accent on developing musicality as well. As he puts it, in his drum school he doesn’t train drummers, but musicians. The audience of Szeklerburg had the chance to enjoy his performance last year on the Dob-ban festival, where he held a drum workshop too. On the Csíki Jazz festival he will have a completly different performance on Saturday morning. 

Their music is characterizedby the mix of classic jazz, fuse a d groove elements. They mostly play own songs, but adaptations of Hungarian folk music are also present in their repertoire.

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