Equinox feat. Juhász Gábor (HU)

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Linda Kovács – vocals, percussion

Viktória Eszes – vocals, percussion

Tibor Márkus – piano, musical keyboard

Zoltán Zana – tenor - saxophone, saxophone, EWI keyboard

Gábor Juhász – guitar

Barna Tibor Csuhaj – contrabass

György Jeszenszky – drums



EQUINOX band plays modern jazz music. During their career they had produced many albums, they’ve held numerous concerts at various jazz festivals throughout the country and abroad as well. Their repertoire consists of the songs written by their leader, the Erkel Ferenc award winning Tibor Márkus. His compositions are characterized by the use of modern compositional elements while still maintaining melodicity and receptivity.


This band is full of versatile musicians. Their interesting and intense music style often takes another direction towards the electronic fusion; sometimes it is very melodic due to the vocals, other times it becomes rhytmic and it even reaches the limits of free jazz. Being a teacher who needs to know everything on a deep level, Tibor Márkus has unique affinity for different styles. Although his songs are composed by using these different styles, he can still find a uniform, common ground for a harmonious sound.


“Although Tibor Márkus, the music teacher, the pianist, the writer, the composer, the band leader, cultural missionary and festival organizer is just one person, we often have the feeling that we have to deal with an entire institution. He’s been teaching and promotin jazz music for decades without any difficulty: he doesn’t only teach pianists who are specialized in this genre, he also has something significant to say about this genre that appeared one hundred years ago for those who are open minded and interested in a new style.” Gábor Turi /MÜPA


Gábor Juhász is a regular guest of the EQUINOX band, he often collaborates with them on concerts and albums, too (Are You Free?, Puppet Theater). He will join the band once again in order to help them interpret Tibor Márkus’s latest compositions.


In 2018, at the International Jazz Festival in Miercurea – Ciuc, “Csíki Jazz 10” they will hold a concert during which they will play mainly the songs from their Trap album which has been released in 2017, but they will also play their most successful hits and some of their new compositions as well.

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