Zoohacker Remake Orchestra feat: Lylit (ex-Parov Stelar Band) & Random Trip (HU-AT)

LYLIT aka Eva Klampfer

singer, pianist, composer
Lylit has been surrounded by music her whole life. She discovered the piano at her neighbour’s house when she was 4 years old and has been playing this instrument ever since. Because she grew up on the countryside of UpperAustria, Lylit played and sang mostly classical music in her early years. When she heard Gospel Music the first time at the age of 12, she was blown away. She immediately founded a Gospel Choir with her schoolmates, trained them and they played concerts all over Austria for the next 5 years. At the age of 14 she started to study classical piano at the Anton Bruckner University, Linz. When she was 17 she also decided to study Jazz Vocals, did her masters and graduated with honors at 25.
Lylit has been writing music since she was 15 years old, so while studying at the university she already played a lot of concerts with her first group “On Wings To Kashmir” with whom she won the biggest Bandcontest of Austria (Yamaha Band Contest) in 2002. While touring with different musicians and bands all around the world, Lylit decided to focus on her own music more and more.
In 2010 she got signed by the former head of Motown, USA, Kedar Massenburg. Lylit’s Song “The Plan” was iTunes’ “Single of the week” in the U.S. and along with that she released her critically acclaimed EP “Unexpected” (voted in Top10 R’n’B Releases in 2010 in the U.S.). In 2011 she released an album with Matthias Löscher, called LYLIT Löscher Duo and has been touring in Europe and the United States since then.
2015 she released her second EP ‘Unknown’ which was followed by an extensive tour through Europe.
She worked with many artists like Blumentopf, Ty, Keith Sweat, SadatX, Fiva, Texta, Joe, En Vogue and is the former singer of the Parov Stelar Band.
In 2016 Lylit recorded her Debut Album with Producer Andreas Lettner, in which she is responsible for writing all the songs, playing keys and bass and doing all the vocals. She was also the singer of the biggest charity’s campaign of Austria in 2016, called ‘Licht Ins Dunkel’. In 2017 she performed at the ‘Wiener Festwochen Eröffnung 2017’ and will release an EP later this year. 


Gifted young musicians from the leading bands on the Hungarian scene play truly improvised music in all styles, jamming through the night every week.


Featuring the crème of local and often international musicians from today’s lively music scene, Random Trip is a real Hungarian specialty of its kind. It is not only a regular jam session in downtown Budapest, but due to the drifting music made up on the spot it has become a true crowd favorite, driving hundreds to the concerts every week. No open mic, but a jam session for professional musicians who take turn weekly at the internationally famous A38 Ship, creating joy music that spans across various music styles like funk, soul, reggae, disco, hip-hop, drum'n'bass, nu jazz, rock’n’roll etc.


Core members include drummer Delov Jávor (Turbo), the mastermind, founder and leader of Random Trip, and DJ Q-Cee (Vinyl Warriorz), master of beatbox and scratch.


Although Random Trip is about pure improvisation, during its 5 years it has become so popular that it’s been invited to all the major Hungarian festivals and main concert venues throughout the country. The formation has also hit Badeschiff in Vienna.


Besides the greatest Hungarian talents, such international musicians have joined the ever changing line-up so far like Peter Legat (Count Basic), Brandon Fields (Tower of Power, George Benson, Dave Weckl Band, stb.), Schradinova /NL/, Timo Lassy (Five Corners Quintet), BigJohn Whitfield /USA-A/, Carl Avory /UK-A/, iLLspokinn /USA/, Tania Saedi /A/, Seanie T (Dub Pistols, UK), Chenai Zinyuku /UK/, Mc SirReal (The Freestylers + Dub Pistols UK), Vula Malinga & Brendan Reilly (Basement Jaxx, UK), Valerie M (Groove Armada, The Freestylers UK), Stamina MC /UK/, Mc Raistlin /FRA/, Yarah Bravo /SE/, N'toko /SLO/, Tribuman /FRA/, Lady Leshurr & Paigey Cakey /UK/, Zalon (ex-Amy Winehouse Band) and Dub FX /AUS/.

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