Várallyay Petra Trio (HU)

The multiple musical and performer skills of Petra Várallyay showed themselves really early: she started to play the violin at the age of 4, and won many awards ever since. After high-school graduation she continued her studies in the Bartók Conservatoire, studying jazz piano with teachers like: MárkusTibor, Révész Richárd, Neumann Balázs; but studied jazz singing too with Urbán Orsolya. In 2015 she was accepted to the Liszt Ferencz Music Academy, where she studied jazz composing with Oláh Kálmán. She also continued developing her violonist skills with the help of Környei Zsófia. 

She founded her trio in 2014, in which she is playing the piano, the violin, and she is singing too. They are playing very caracteristic covers and own compositions, creating this way a progressive music which has its roots in jazz; where the very preciesly composed parts grow together with free improvisation.
The Várallyai Pertra Trio had a great success on CAFe Budapest Festival in october 2014, and next year was presented at the Müpa Jazz Showcase as one of the most talented young bands. In 2015 Petra won the "Best Musician" award at the Stud Jazz Competition in Târgu Mureș.
In the last 2 years the trio played at numerous places, like: Müpa Budapest, the E78 in Pécs, Fonó Budai Zeneház, Jókai Klub, Szimpla Kert, The Wine and Jazz Days in Debrecen, Hello Wood Festival. 

Members of the band: 

Várallyay Petra - piano, vocal, violin
Berta Zalán - bass guitar
Szikora Balázs - drums

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