Sorin Zlat Trio (RO)


Sorin Zlat  – piano

Claudiu Purcarin – drums

Michael Acker – contrabass



   In 2017 Sorin was commissioned by the „Rimbaud and Verlaine” Foundation to develop an original jazz concert inspired by the poets’ works at the London’s reputable Kings Place Hall. After the enormous success they decided to include these music pieces in the following European and American concerts along with the songs from the “Endurance” album and some new songs which are planned to be released on a new album later this year. The Sorin Zlat Quartet’s repertoire includes pieces of standard jazz and personal compositions which range through Latin, jazz, pop, and classical music. Their suprising style fusion gained great success among jazz lovers in Romania and abroad as well and gave the possibility to give concerts in numerous famous clubs like: Vortex, Pizza Express, Ronnie’s Scott, Kings Place in London, Nardis in Istanbul, Jazz Cafe in Montreux and B-flat in Berlin, and they also participated at famous festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Pera Fest (Turkey), Getxo Jazz Festival (Spain), Jacksonville Jazz Festival (USA), Monaco Jazz Festival, etc. Over the years, the Sorin Zlat Quartet had the chance to play on the same stage with several jazz legends such as: Lee Ritenour, Ravi Coltrane, Brandford Marsallis, Joey Calderazzo, Tito Puente and Jeff Ballard. On May 28, 2017, Sorin was invited as the headliner of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival in the US where he had the opportunity to perform on the same stage with the Chick Corea Trio, Joey Alexander Trio and The Commodores.

Sorin Zlat (piano): He’s a pianist, classical clarinetist, composer, and arranger who has won more than twenty national and international awards. He began his musical studies at the age of seven, the first instruments studied being the violin and the clarinet at the "George Apostu" Art High School in Bacău. Later he studied at the George Enescu National University of Arts in Iasi, his major being classical clarinet. After that he got his master degree on jazz and piano instrument at the National University of Music in Bucharest where he was the student of the famous jazz pianist and teacher, Mircea Tiberian. Sorin created a repertoire of original jazz music as well as re-arranged jazz standards which range through Latin, jazz, pop, and classical music styles in order to reflect Sorin’s unique interpretative style that brought an almost instant success to the musician across Europe and North America. Among the many awards won by Sorin it’s worth mentioning some of the following: The Grand Prize of the Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition, Florida, United States (2015), the Grand Prize of the Monaco Jazz Soloist Competition (2013), the Grand Prize of the Montreax Jazz Competition (2015) as well as the Best Jazz Music Award that is given by the Muzza Jazz Foundation which was won by the musician in two consecutive years, in 2014 and in 2015. Also worthy to mention here that is that he is not only the first Romanian but also the first international pianist to ever win the Grand Prize of the Jacksonville Jazz PianoCompetition, that has a tradition of over 30 years. In the summer of the same year Sorin released his album entitled “Endurance”which contains solo pieces and songs played in trio as well as some personal compostitions as well. The album was well-received among jazz lovers.

Claudiu Purcarin (drums): he graduated from "Sigismund Toduţă" Music Highschool and he studied at the "Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy in Cluj, majoring in percussion. He won the National Music Olympics for the first time when he was only 12. The young drummer has already collaborated with well-known names such as Mircea Tiberian, Pedro Negrescu, Marius Popp, Nicolas Simion, Marius Vernescu, Anca Parghel and other pop artists and he has also participated at several jazz festivals and television shows.

Michael Acker (contrabass): he studied playing contrabass with Decebal Batidil, Joris Teepe, Olivier Gatto and Mircea Tiberian. Later he had the opportunity to collaborate with them as well as with other artists such as Cristian Soleanu, Nicolas Simion, Rick Condit, Tom Smith, Alan Jones and Alex Harding. His collaboration with the "Petrici Andrei Trio" is recorded on the album "Dedicated Waltz", while the concert during which he collaborated with the “Marius Vernescu Trio” can be found on the "Live from Orf" disc. He participated on many international jazz events, including the Jazz Wien Tunnel, Beijing Jazz Fest, Express Jazz Club in London, and Vortex Jazz Club in London.

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