The Miercurea-Ciuc International Jazz Festival is an outstanding cultural event of the region, which has been organized in this little town in Transylvania, and the sorroundings as well. The main events of the festival experience takes place on the amazing domain of Mikó Castle, located right in the hart of the city of Miercurea-Ciuc (Szeklerburg). 


Although we are a small festival, we feature some of the greatest names of contemprorary jazz music (for ex. Richard Bona &The Mandecan Cubano, as a Romanian premiere in 2017). We emphasize the importance of live music generally and the importance of live jazz specifically, trying to reach greater audiences year by year. This year’s 10th edition celebrates our first decade dedicated to the jazz music: COMING in July 27-29.2018 - Festival CsíkiJazz - 10 Year Anniversary - and You are invited!


The International Jazz Festival, Miercurea Ciuc is an annual event organized by the Mini Jazz non-profit organization. After the first years of festival the event became Csíki Jazz Festival, the word „csíki” referring to the location of the festival.

The main purpose of this festival is to stand out for the importance of live music, and the importance of one of the most beautiful and difficult music genre: jazz.

This festival supports the introduction of inland bands, and brings in our country many international performers. Shows the public a very large scale of styles. This festival proves, that everybody likes jazz, or at least a tinge of it, because it is a very colorful genre that surrounds us everywhere we go.

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