Mrs Columbo

The band reflects the colourful and vibrating personality of Dorina Galambos ( "galamb" meaning "pigeon" (colomba) in spanish). Its genre could be defined as a tight-rope dance between styles, a kind of a pop music spiced with a little bit of rock, jazz, and electronic music. All this of course performed by outstanding musicians.
The first album of the band, which contained covers, won the Fonogram Prize. Then their first own song: "Játszd újra" ( Play It Again) in 2013 got on the list of the 30 best songs on the Eurovision Festival, and was nominated for an another Fonogram Prize.
Their second album: "Live" was nominated for the Fonogram Prize in 2014, followed by a very successful concert in Müpa in 2015. Their latest album: "Love Is In The Air" contains only their own compositions, two of theese songs: "Rainbow", "Hunger", were played several times by Radio Petőfi, a highly appreciated radio in Hungary.

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