Marius Pop Trio (RO)

Marius Pop- guitar

Adi Stoenescu- hammond organ

Marcel Moldovan- drums

MARIUS POP is a young guitarist from Bucharest, who has an outstanding talent in guitar playing and performing. Most of us know him from Smiley’s band, from the HaHaHa Production and from other bands too. 

He picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 9, and playing on the instrument has become the best way for expressing his feelings. He played in many Romainan rock and pop bands, in 2009 he initiated a Jazz- fusion project, named Marius Pop & The M Theory and recorded the album entitled „First Step” with the contribution of some world- famous musicians. He won several awards worldwide, so he became acknoweledged among guitarists. The most prestigious award he can be proud of is the “Jaden Rose award” at the Guitar Idol contest, where he was the winner.

MARCEL MOLDOVAN is one of the most acknoweledged drummers of Romania, he started familiarizing with music when he was only 3 years old, he graduated the Music School of  Arad, afterwards he learnt classical percussion int he conservatoire of Bucharest. He performs with such famous artists like Steve Vai, Smiley, Loredana,  the Three for Helen band and we could go on… the groovy- sound of his music was inspired by the R&B, Electro, Fusion, HipHop, Soul and Dub styles. 

ADI STOENESCU was learning classical piano for 8 years in Târgoviște. In paralell with his studies he was attending the Jazz Improvization course at the Folk Art School, together with Marius Pop. In the same priod he got to know the Hammond organ and the music of John Mclaughlin („Free Spirits”). 

Later on Adi played in blues triplets (like Cyfer) and jazz bands (near Alex Man and Sorin Romanescu), then he experienced a more free world of music next to the Cătălin Milea Hammond Trip. They took part on the Jazz and More festival in Sibiu in the year of 2014. 

He is member of the Arcus Trio (Allotropy Album, March, 2016) with which he performed on several festivals in Romania and Moldva (Jazz TM, Chișinău Etno Jazz Festival).

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