Kekko Fornarelli Trio (IT)

Kekko Fornarelli is currently one of the most widely appreciated artists internationally. The tour that has brought his music to more than 25 countries over the world in the last two years - Russia and all Europe, Asia, Australia – is a huge success everywhere. 

A pianist and a composer, he has developed a unique style, characterized by the attempt to create music to observe, more than just to listen to. A way to tell stories, emotions and situations. His music is a mellow combination of modern northern European ideas and neoclassical lyricism, filtered by his warm and extremely personal Mediterranean background. It is the attempt to create a more and more universal vision of music, able to draw jazz out of the narrow circuit of its appreciators and bringing it to the general audience. Eric Vloeimans, Flavio Boltro, Rosario Giuliani, Francesco Bearzatti, Benjamin Henocq, Jerome Regard, Manhu Roche, Luca Bulgarelli are only some of the artists he has shared ideas, sounds, life experiences and stages with. 

The albums
Four albums so far,  Circular Thought (2005), that was critically acclaimed as one of the best Italian jazz projects of the year. A French Man in New York (2008), an innovative project taking inspiration from French pianist Michel Petrucciani published during the three years he spent in France.
Room of mirrors, (2011 Auand sound) marks the beginning of a new era in the development of a more mature conception of music. With thousands of copies sold and downloaded, the album was a huge success warmly received by the critics too, “I can't stop listening to the CD: a fusion of Romantic classical music, modern jazz and 21st century dance rhythms, played with Italian brio from the heart” (Alison Bentley, London Jazz Blog )
His last work, Outrush (Abeat), was released in March 2014. Together with his alchemic Trio featuring Giorgio Vendola on double bass and Dario Congedo on drums, Kekko Fornarelli draws his personal escape – outrush – into his own world. A complexity able to hit the audience straight in the heart and the stomach, before touching the mind, carrying jazz out of its borders.
“An incredibly personal and introspective release that with the brilliance of Kekko's harmonic movement takes one to places that can touch your heart and set your hair on fire, often at the same time. Italy is a variable gold mine for improvisational music. Kekko Fornarelli is a master but more so, he is an artist” – Brent Black ( 

His main project is the Kekko Fornarelli Trio. An original interpretation of the most classical jazz formations, this ensemble featuring three Italian jazz virtuosos (Kekko Fornarelli, piano & synth, Giorgio Vendola, double bass, Dario Congedo, drums) embodies Fornarelli idea of a music to observe, more than just to listen to. Recently placed in the TOP 10 most voted Italian jazz formations in the Jazzit Awards competition, the Trio is currently touring worldwide, achieving resounding success everywhere. After 10 minutes, it was evident that this classy threesome had very different stories to tell […]It was resoundingly obvious why this close-knit, thoughtful and viscerally exciting new trio are winning acclaim across Europe”, John Fordham, The Guardian

Then the Piano Solo Monologue, a project constantly developing and changing, which entrusts everything to the intensity of the piano and the potential developments of its classical sound, winking the eye at electronic music too.
Mar endins, the album born from the collaboration with Catalan songwriter Rusó Sala, a charming experimental union of Catalan ethnic song writing, inspired by the traditions of the Mediterranean, on one side and an innovative jazz/electronic on the other has just been released (Fresh sound records, 2103).
Shine is the project born from the collaboration with extraordinary artist Roberto Cherillo, the third best male voice in Italy, according to  Jazzit Awards competition. A Duo melting in a extraordinary bond two different personalities, creating a sound which ranges from classical piano to electronics, from Northern European influences to Anglo Saxons contaminations, to Eastern ideas. Roberto Cherillo’s pure and sheer voice and Kekko Fornarelli’s virtuoso piano sound are perfectly harmonized and they sustain each other, blending in the distortions created by the synth. The focus of the show is an experimentation on the genre canzone, through extensive studies and researches ranging from La Monte Young to Meredith Monk, to all that scenario post – John Cage that involves influences of the sound of Gyuto Monks of Tibet . Kekko Fornarelli (piano/synth/samples) Roberto Cherillo (vocals/electronics/synthbass)

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