We’ve come to the point of our 10th anniversary. This event was born ten years ago from nothing, from a friendly collaboration by the time called Mini. Since then it became an acknowledged international jazz festival which excellent bands from all over the world apply for day by day. Every year we had something “the most”, some kind of miracle that we haven’t seen before. Last year we had the most nations/ ethnicities and the biggest star. A year before that we’ve reached a record of number of spectators. Now we’re celebrating our 10th birthday.

We're happy to announce the performers who will surely be here. Among them are 3 bands who also celebrate their 10th anniversary, 4 from Romania, 3 from Hungary, and 2 from futher countries, celebrities from Europe or maybe even America. As we always do, we’ll have among us a performer/ a band from Transylvania and one that sings in Romanian.

Let’s start with the latter.

Once upon a time there was a band brave enough to try something new: they started to play live electronic music combined with elements of jazz and traditional music. People liked the result so much, that they became performers of the biggest festivals. Soon they were playing more abroad than at home. But suddenly, as all good things, it came to an end. This time we were the brave ones: as they all have played in serious jazz bands since, we asked them to combine their music with jazz improvisations at our anniversary. This will be the production called Tündérground Jazz that will be Friday’s closing party on our Almost Jazz day which can include almost anything.

We’ll also tell you two of the bands that also celebrate their birthdays too.

One of them is the Péter Sárik Trio that turned 10 this winter. They would have been here as a recall even if it wasn’t so, because Péter Sárik is already an organic part of the festival and hasn’t played for us “at home” in years. This time we asked those who come back to Csíkszereda to bring with them a guest who has never played here before. Theirs will be Tamás Berki, a living legend who is among the best jazz vocalist of the International Jazz Federation’s the best of list. In 2015 the common album of Péter Sárik Trio and Tamás Berki All the mirages was given the Fonogram award for the the best jazz album of the year. About this and a many more you will find information on our website.

The other band who’s celebrating it’s anniversay is from Transylvania, actually from Csíkszereda. They became the favourite of the children from their first concert and they have more and more jazz music on their repertoir. This is why we decided to have them as the closing moment of a children’s program. They’re no other than the Mesehetes. Maybe they don’t even need presentation, but for those who don’t know them yet there will soon be information on our website.

Sorin Zlat will be with us too. We keep track of his work long ago, but this year we said that he has to be here, because not only did he get in the front line of romanian jazz music in only a few years, but he also won an american competition (The Great American Jazz Piano Competition,  Jacksonville, Florida) where until that moment nobody that wasn’t from the states ever got a prize. He will be performing for us with his quartet. Further information about him you’ll soon find on our website.

Do we need to continue the list or have we already convinced you that it’s worth coming to this years jubilee festival?

We have to talk about one more band that is very important to us. They’re all old friends of us. Their band should have been part of the festival a long time ago, but every year almost exactly in the same time as our festival they were in the next town because they’re the teachers of the jazz camp in Sepsiszentgyörgy. We said that at the 10th anniversary of CsíkiJazz they have to be here, with a special line-up. They’re called the Ewuinox Septet. Although Juhász Gábor isn’t a member of the band, we asked them to bring their teacher colleague and co-musician with them. This is how they got to have a guest too.

This year will be full of guests and their guests. We will be in a very festive and homely mood. With so many talented musicians, further surprise guests and the headliners, we don’t need to worry about the quality level of the festival. We’ll reveal the headliners after we’ve signed their contract, if everything goes as planned, next month. Until then follow us on our website because this year we’re preparing some really interesting stuff.

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