Eztán Együttes (RO/HU)

Band members:


Ila Gábor - piano 

Molnár Ede - guitar, vocals

Ercsei Ferencz - drums

Sándor László - bass

Enyed Károly - synthesizer

Argyelán Zsolt - trumpet



  The members of Eztán blend the traditions of Hungarian folk music into the ambience of contemporary  light music, create a fusion of our hereditary melodies and solutions that show the pure beauty and power of those in a new light and perspective. At the intersection of the latent folksongs of our common musical subconscious and the western musical culture exciting accents  and energic solutions are born with improvised elements that differ at every concert

At the 10th anniversary of the Csíki Jazz Festival they will be playing for us with surprise guests.


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