D.A.S. Trió (HU)

Members of the band: 

Nagy Ábel Márton - piano, guitar,
Kéry Sámuel - bass guitar,
Fábry Adonisz - drums.

Style: Jazz/ Fusion / Jazz-rock. 

Three young musicians, teenagers in fact, who already captured the attention of the jazz-loving public, and the professionals too. Their name comes from their initials put together: Donka (drums), Ábel (piano), Samu (bass). They started playing together only two years ago, but since then they have won a lot of prices on different festivals. 

Nagy Ábel - piano, guitar
He was born in a musician-family, and started to learn classical piano at the age of 5. Two years ago he started to learn about jazz, with the help of his father: Nagy János, who is a recognised jazz pianist. Ábel started to play the guitar, when he was 1o, he's learning to sing, and is the member of a rock band too. 

Kéri Samu - bass guitar
First he started to learn to play piano, then got interested on playing the bass guitar. At the age of 12 he won a price as pianist and singer in a music camp in Szolnok, and a year later he won again at the same camp, but as a bass guitar player. He also comes from a family of musicians: his father being Kéri Gábor, a well known jazz guitarist. 

Fábry Adonisz - drums
Started to play on drums before the age of 1o in the music school, where his talent, and ability of improvising was noticed at once. At the II. Territorial Jazz Competition he won the price for the best drummer. Now he is learning to play piano, and constantly
trains himself in classical and in jazz music too. 

The band performes their own compositions, which they wrote together. They are playing together in a remarcable unison, and their zippy style captures the public immediately. The saucy technical grooves, the virtuous performances, and the suprising airiness of this band is fascinating.

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