The band named BorderSplit was founded in december 2o14 in Târgu Mureș, because four musicians felt the desire to play, to experience jazz fusion, jazz-rock.
The bands aim is, to go as far as they can searching these fields, experiencing as much as they can, playing as much as they can, and to familiarize the audience with the beauty of improvisative music.
Since their foundation they have been playing in various parts of the country winning the sympaty and appreciation of the public. In 2o15 on a inland jazz-gala organized by MUZZA and the Romanian Cultural Institute they were nominated for the prize of the newfound of the year.

Band members:
Fülöp Csongor - piano
Asztalos Zsolt "Aszti" - drums
Éltes Áron - saxophone
Szántó Lóránd - bass guitar


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