Bényei Tamás és a Gramophonia Hot Jazz Orchestra

Csíki Jazz is offering you a true enjoyment this year. A really really big band is going to perform in three cities of Szeklerland one week before the festival, named Bényei Tamás and the Gramophonia Hot Jazz Orchestra. This is going to be a nationwide premiere, and the chamber orchestra of Miecurea Ciuc: Csíki Kamarazenekar is invited to play with them. This outstanding concert is going to take place friday in Târgu Mureș, saturday in Sfântu Gheorghe and sunday in Miercurea Ciuc.
Gramophonia Hot Jazz Orchestra, by playing traditional jazz music, gives the audience the sensation of a time travel, all this with the help of musicians blessed with great sense of professional calling and knowledge, not to forget the caracteristic and charming voice of the bandleader: Bényei Tamás.

Members of the band:
Bényei Tamás - trumpet, banjo, vocal ( bandleader, producer)
Korb Attila / Szalóky Béla- trumpet
Bera Zsolt - trump
Fodor László - clarinet, alto saxophone
Dennert Árpád - clarinet, alto saxophone
Mátrai Zoltán / Zana Zoltán - clarinet, tenor saxophone
Nagy Iván / Korb Attila - piano
Szabó Lóránt - guitar, banjo
Bényei Tibor - sousaphone
Juhász Zoltán - double bass
Galbács István - drums

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