Ana-Cristina Leonte Quintet

Ana-Cristina Leonte is one of the best singers, band leaders, songwriters and lyricists in Romania.
Born in Suceava (on the17th of february1989), Ana-Cristina graced a stage for the first time at the tender age of four. She studied the violin for 12 years at the Ciprian Porumbescu Art school. In 2008 she moved to Bucharest, where she continued her studies, in the jazz section of the Bucharest National Music University lead by Mircea Tiberian. In 2012 she earned her graduate degree, followed by a master s degree in 2014, on the theme of Extended Vocal Techniques in Jazz Music.
During her studies she played with many local and international jazz artists, amongst whom are Albert Tajti, Michael Acker, Tavi Scurtu, Mircea Tiberian, Alex Munte, John Betsch, Chris Dahlgren, Albrecht Maurer, Pierre Borel, Maurice de Martin, George Dumitriu, Cristian Soleanu, Cătălin Milea, Mihai Iordache, Alex Arcuș, Sorin Romanescu, Ciprian Pop,Toma Dimitriu, Alex Man, George Natsis.
Her music has been greatly enjoyed at many concerts and festivals: Romanian Jazz Days at Budapesta (2015), Brasov Jazz Festival (2015), JAZZ TM (2015), Dobrojazz (2015), Alba jazz (2015), Gardener Jazz Festival (2015), Danube Jazz Festival (2015), Jazzbook Fest (2015), Love is in the Art (2015), Bucharest Jazz Fest (2014), International GreenFest (2014), Girona Accappella Fest (Spania 2014), Street Delivery (2014), Alba Jazz (2014), Train Delivery (2014), Jazz&Bulz Festival Iasi (2014), Festivalul International George Enescu (2013),  Peninsula (2013),  Samfest Jazz (2012), Mediawave (Ungaria 2012), Jazz Etnika Fest (2011), Dracula BassFest (2011), OpenAir Jazz Festival (2009), etc.
She won many prizes at jazz competitions, the most recent being Best Singer, in the International Johnny Raducanu Jazz Competition (2015).
In 2013, Ana-Cristina won the Best Vocal Performance Award at the Sibiu Jazz Festival after having won, alongside Michael Acker and Albert Tajti, the Grand Prize – Best Jazz Group in 2012, at Târgu Mureş.
In spring 2014 she has been invited, as lead vocalist, to join the Romanian Radio Big Band,at the  Radio România Cultural Award Ceremony, and later on performed in Vienna , invited by the Romanian Cultural Institute, with Electric Brother, Alexandru Anastasiu, Elena Moroșanu și Tavi Scurtu.
From 2012 to 2014 she was a member of the Jazzappella vocal group , performing extensively, activity that continued, in 2015 ,with the new accappella group BLUE NOISE.
She has collaborated with many artists from various musical spheres: Electric Brother, Kumm, Odyssey, Akim Hash, Jurjak. 
In 2011-2012 she represented Romania in the european project ”Cafes & Citizenry – The Roma Origins ” performing in Romania, Hungary and Italy. As part of this project, she presented, with Ferenc Segercz, a ethno-jazz project which gave the public a chance to witness the beauty of authenthic romanian folklore at the Mediawave Komarom 2012 festival.
In 2010 she sang at the Viena Radio Kulturhaus  alongside pianist Mircea Tiberian, violonist Albrecht Maurer (Germany), saxophonist Pierre Borel (France) and bassist Chris Dahlgren (USA),  presenting a project subsidised by the Romanian Cultural Institute - the Paul Celan Project.
Besides using her impressive vocal qualities, Ana-Cristina has a rich activity as a songwriter, because she feels that singing her own songs is the most direct and sincere means of getting through to the public her inner feelings .
Alongside Albert Tajti, Michael Acker, Tavi Scurtu și Alex Munte, in july 2014 she released the first album consisting of original songs composed by a romanian jazz singer,“Secret Lover”, at the Fiver House Records label, which has been recieved with great interest and much praise by the public and , more importantly, by the jazz musicians and critics. Her other, funkier,outfit, named JAVRA, sharing the same personell, won the Best New Jazz title at the Sunete Award Ceremony.
She had another discographic appearence on  Bucharest Jazz Orchestra′s - Povesti din Bucuresti, album, where she is featured on two of the group′s compositions.
Her most recent project, for which she uses the short name A-C Leonte, promises an album with a new musical concept and direction, exploring the expressive possibilities of electronically manipulated sound to reveal the depth ,beauty and inspiration of her experience. ANGEL minus WINGS brings forth a collection of songs with a powerfull message about everyday life, faith and resillience, a journey to discover one′s true self, letting go of the ego, communion, love, taking risks, seeking vision, liberation, a wake up call. The album has an innovative and beautifully crafted sound, refined down to the minutest details with the help of drummer and beat producer Tavi Scurtu, and it also benefits from the participation of important romanian jazz and electronica musicians. 

Discography: ANGEL minus WINGS (2016), Bucharest Jazz Orchestra - Povesti din Bucuresti (2015), Akim Hash - Bless you and me E.P. (2015), Jazzappella – De Crăciun (2014), Ana-Cristina Leonte Quintet - Secret lover (2014), Kumm - A misterious place called somewhere (2014), Odyssey –Povestitorul (2010) și Piatra de hotar (2007).

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