BRATISLAVA Hot Serenaders

Bratislava Hot Serenaders main suporter :


Juraj Bartoš - bandleader, trumpet; 

Rastislav Suchan - trumpet, valve trombone, 

Stanislav Masaryk - trumpet; 

Karol Bartoš - trombone; 

Pavol Hoďa - clarinet, saxophone; 

Zdeno Piala - clarinet, saxophone; 

Pavel Sehnal - clarinet, saxophone; 

Gabriel Szathmáry - violin; 

Adam Szendrei - violin; 

Andrej Včelík - violin; 

Juliana Šeregiová - vocal; 

Andrea Babjaková - vocal; 

Barbora Žilíková - vocal; 

Jozef Kuriľák - crooner; 

Miloš Stančik - crooner, manager; 

Richard Fičor - guitar, banjo; 

Erik Jámbor - piano; 

Ladislav Fančovič - piano;

Juraj Blaha - suzaphone; 

Nikolaj Kanišák - doublebass, suzaphone;

Patrik Fičor - drums

The Bratislava Hot Serenaders orchestra belongs among the few strictly-oriented music bands in Slovakia. Its eighteen enthusiastic players have met from the year of establishment in 1992 without an interruption and its style remains unchanged. What glue keeps them together during our present turbulent economic period?

The glue is their love of music. They devote all their free time to "Hot Jazz" or "Sweet and Dance Music" which arrived in Europe at the end of the Twenties from America. Thanks to gramophone business, very extended in America, the orchestra´s boys can search for old shellac gramophone records, listen to them till early morning and note-by-note reconstruct the old sweet melodies and imitate their arrangements. After hours of practicing, they dress themselves into traditional costumes, put the brilliantine on their hair and start playing their vintage instruments and singing into a lone microphone.

The Serenaders have yet another love. It is also music - Slovak music. It was played and recorded in Bratislava and Prague in Thirties and Forties and is focused around one name extremely popular in that period: František Krištof Veselý. The doyen of Slovak pop-singers made famous many melodies which are now adopted by BHS.

Since 1992 they continue entertaining their unbelievably loyal and constantly growing audience. Their mutual friendship and love of entertainment results in a sort of obsession. They often visit each other and play for themselves at informal occasions. Even then they function at full throttle, playing with the drive and spirit so important to this style of music.

The Bratislava Hot Serenaders are well-established abroad as well. In 1994 the orchestra won the Sidney d´Or Prix at the Grand Festival of Music of 20´s and 30´s in Saint Raphael, France. They regularly appear in concerts or jazz festivals in homeland and abroad as well e.g.: Whitley Bay (United Kingdom 2008, 2006, 2004), Bohém Ragtime & Jazz Fesztivál (Hungary 2008, 2001), XXV. Czechoslovak Jazz Fesival Přerov (Czech Republic 2008, 2002), Hořice JazzNights (Czech Republic 2008), XI. Festival of Swing Music, Prague (Czech Republic 2008), Prague Spring Festival (Czech Republic 2006), "New Orleans - Visegrád" First Central-European Swing Festival (Hungary 2005), La Plus Grande Cave De Jazz Du Monde (France 2004), Salgotarian Jazz Festival (Hungary 2004), Breda Jaz Festival (Netherlands 2003) etc.

The Orchestra Bratislava Hot Serenaders have recorded four profile CD albulms: "Prvé Rendez-Vous" (The First Rendez-Vous)" (1998), "Cotton Club Stomp" (2003), "The Broken Record" (2006) and "Take It Easy" (2008). They also recorded two Slovak CD albums dedicated to František Krištof Veselý and performed by one of the most popular Slovak actors and singers Milan Lasica: "Ja som optimista" (I'm An Optimist) (2001) and "Celý svet sa mračí" (The Entire World Is Cloudy) (2002). Both Slovak CDs became bestsellers - the first one winning a platinum CD, the second winning a gold CD. Recently, selected songs from both CDs have been recorded for the first Slovak music DVD entitled "Milan Lasica & The Bratislava Hot Serenaders“.

Their successful cooperation also led to a new musical-styled performance in the Štúdio L&S theatre for two following seasons. In the show "Ja som optimista", the songs and melodies famed by František Krištof Veselý are accompanied by stories and anecdotes from old Bratislava.

All this success eventuated in offer to record music for successful musicals and productions: Some Like It Hot (dir. Milan Lasica), Piano Revue (dir. Juraj Nvôta jr.), Garderobier (dir. Roman Polák), "Pod cudzou vlakjou" (Under the foraign flag) (dir. Rastislav Ballek) and "Niekto to rád Slovenské" (Some Like It Slovak) (dir. Stanislav Štepka).

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