Dan Berglund Quartet (EU)

   The e.s.t. bassist Dan Berglund starts his first quartett group under his own name. A small super group of long time collaborators and like minded friends joins this pure scandinavian jazz group. 

What to expect: you’ll find Dan Berglund on double bass with his energetic, pushing sound, his effects pedals, the bow laden bass solo are a favourite key sound of the european jazz scene. There is the Fredrik Ljundkvist on saxophon joins from the norwegian Atomic group, which played with Berglund already some 20 years ago. The young Johan Graden on piano leads and pushes the group behind the keyboard. Drummer Andreas Werliin is Berglunds partner at Tonbruket and also well know from the Wildbirds & Peacedrum ensemble.

The Dan Berglund Quartet features a more jazzy sound then we know from Tonbruket.  And this is good! ECM legends like Keith Jarret, Paul Bley are a strong influence to their sound. Berglund returns to where improvisations are the key. The stage is their natural habitat, the live atmosphere fills their lungs with energy and strengthen their muscles. Be part of an artistic explosion that happens only here! Sit back and simply enjoy.


Dan Berglund  – bass

Fredrik Ljundkvist – saxophone

Johan Graden – piano

Andreas Werliin – drums



World premiere!



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